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First Presbyterian Church Chickasha, Oklahoma - 15 - Business Women's Assoc

History, Part 15 - Business and Professional Women

The History Of The Business And Professional Women's Circle Of The First Presbyterian Church

The Business and Professional Women's Circle was organized January 29, 1929, and named, the "Westminster Friendship Guild". This group functioned till 1933, when the need for expansion and greater service was felt. On October 4, 1933, twenty women connected with the First Presbyterian Church of Chickasha met in the basement of the church. Mrs. W. Harberts and Miss Effie Dunbar explained the object of the meeting--to organize the business and professional women of the church--with fellowship as the main object of the organization.

Miss Dunbar, president of the Westminster Friendship Guild, explained that the Guide had been operating for several years, and that the members felt that the time had come for a larger organization among the business and professional women, an organization that would reach more of the women; and that it was the wish of the members of the Westimster Friendship Guild to disband and re-organize upon a larger scale.

The women present signified their desire to be affiliated with such an organization. It was to be named the Business and Professional Women's Circle of the First Presbyterian Church of Chickasha. At this time the following officers were elected: president, Miss Bessie Weedman; vice-president, Miss Orpha Hickman; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Ora Dews.

Charter members of the organization were: Mrs. W. Harberts, Miss Effie Dunbar, Mrs. Ora Dews, Mrs. Joe Dews, Miss Orpha Hickman, Dr. Edith Flagle, Miss Hazel Bledsoe, Mrs. George Dyche, Miss Mary Dunlap, Miss Bessie Weedman, Miss Birdie Montgomery, Miss Nellie Waterman, Miss Abbie Jo Wasserbeck, miss Susie Frey, Mrs. Margaretta B. Netzel, Miss Fay Spears, Mrs. Josephine Bartsch, Miss Patti Neely, Dr. Mary Beckwith, and Miss Charlotte Hickman.

On December 6, 1933, the Constitution and By-Laws were adopted by the Business and Professional Women's Circle. The Constitution states that the group shall be self-governing and self-sustaining. Its object shall be to promote a spirit of fellowship and helpfulness among Presbyterian women and to develop greater efficiency in service to each other, the church, and the community.

Some of the accomplishments of the organization have been welfare work, donations to the church to help finish the Sunday School rooms, steps in rear of the church, the young people's recreation room, a deposit box to keep the church and circle records, and six hundred dollars toward paying off the Grant Loan on the church.