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First Presbyterian Church Chickasha, Oklahoma - 3 - Mother of Churches

History, Part 3 - Mother of Churches

The First Presbyterian Church not only was Chickasha's first church, it was a leading spirit in the founding of many of the other churches in the community. The Rev. Eugene Hamilton was especially interested in sponsoring new churches.

Many of the churches held their early meetings in our facilities at the disposal of other groups.

One of Hamilton's efforts especially demonstrated his more than willing helping hand. When Bishop Brook, the new Episcopal bishop of a new district embracing Chickasha first came to town in March, 1893, Rev. Hamilton was on the station platform to meet him. Food for the traveler was the first item of business and they adjourned to a nearby hotel where "the steak was like leather, the potatoes couldn't be eaten and the coffee was vile."

After visiting local Episcopalians, a fist service was announced for Sunday evening in early June, to be held at the Presbyterian Church at 6th and Minnesota.

"When the Bishop arrived he found the roads a veritable quagmire; it was a physical impossibility to make the journey from the town to the church. If the Bishop was discouraged, Mr. Hamilton did not allow him to remain so for long, for he immediately began to prepare for a service in his own apartment of three rooms in the Decombes Building on Chickasha Avenue, near where the Kress store now stands.

Going downstairs he scoured the street for a congregation, finally gathering together a group of about twenty-five people. The Bishop vested in the bedroom; Mrs. Hamilton, who had by this time arrived home from Maryland, played the piano and end in the singing.... Thus was the Episcopal Church born in Chickasha.