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First Presbyterian Church Chickasha, Oklahoma - 5 - The Sunday School

History, Part 5 - The Sunday School

The first Sunday School of the church was organized in 1892 by Mr. G. V. Albertson when he and Rev. Shawhan came to Chickasha to organize the church. Mr. J. A. Rose became the first superintendent.

Mr. Rose continued as superintendent for a number of years. Under his leadership the Sunday School had grown to 55 students and 7 teachers by 1899 and to 80 students and 13 teachers by 1901. When Mr. S. P. Laubach became superintendent in 1907, the membership was 110 students, 4 officers, and 9 teachers. By 1909 the School was self supporting.

During 1920-23, the Sunday School experienced a growing demand for teachers. While construction of the present church building was under way, Sunday School was held in the old Sugg theater, the Rialto theater, and in the K of P hall.

Primary requirements to the middle 1920's were exacting. Before graduating to the junior department, pupils were requested to learn: (1) The Lord's Prayer, (2) Books of the Bible, (3) Twenty Third and One Hundredth Psalms, (4) Apostles Creed, (5) Christmas Story, (6) Flag Salutes, (7) The Beatitudes, and (8) the Ten Commandments. When this memory work was learned, the child received a Bible with his name engraved in gold.

The Sunday School was organized and departmentalized along standard lines 1927. About this time, Mrs. William Harberts originated the cap and gown service for children graduating from Cradle Roll to the Beginner's Class.

Today the Sunday School numbers 15 officers and teachers, and 183 students. Walter Lockheart is superintendent with Dr. E. B. Strickler as assistant Superintendent.

1892-1907 - Mr. J. A. Rose
1907-1915 - Mr. S. P. Laubach
1915-1919 - Mr. L. H. Smith
1919-1920 - Mr. S. P. Laubach
1920-1927 - Mr. Mott
1927-1928 - Mr. Joe Pellar
1928-1931 - Mr. R. J. Miller
1931-1932 - Mr. Paul Emerson
1932-1933 - Mr. D. B. Holder
1933-1944 - Mr. Ed Shoemaker
1944-1945 - Mr. Hudson Wilcox
1945-1946 - Dr. E. B. Strickler
1946-1948 - Mr. B. E. Lowe
1948-1949 - Mr. Ray Horn
1949- - Mr. Walter Lockheart